Quality Control Lab Technician I (Swing, Night shifts)

rPlanet Earth consists of a team of passionate recycling and packaging experts dedicated to one common goal – closing the loop on single-serve PET material through recycling and production of high-quality post-consumer recycled packaging solutions. rPlanet Earth is an innovative packaging company reusing curbside-recycled, post-consumer plastics as a feedstock to produce the highest quality products with the lowest carbon footprint.

Through our disruptive approach, we operate the first of its kind vertically integrated recycling and packaging production plant in North America supplying end-users in numerous product markets.

Quality Control Lab Technician I 

The purpose of the Quality Control Lab Technician I is to execute daily tasks of each shift to ensure products are manufactured, sampled, and tested labeled, and stored in accordance with rPlanet Earth’s, regulatory and customer Quality and food safety standards.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Adhere to and execute Quality Product Testing standards and protocols according to the monitoring and testing frequency plan.
  • Perform Quality inspections per established sampling plan on incoming raw materials, work in progress (WIP), and finished goods and report to lead/immediate supervisor any non-conformances to product specifications.
  • Authorized to “Product Release” incoming raw materials, work in progress (WIP), and finished goods upon meeting product specifications as well as on Business Central or QMS when applicable.
  • Conduct testing to ensure results are recorded, current, and accurate in QMS system.
  • Place all products that do not conform to product specifications on hold and coordinating with other departments to quarantine and identify.
  • Ensure proper storing and tracking of physical sample retains.
  • Partner and support manufacturing and Quality in achieving Quality metrics and goals.
  • Required to provide feedback to immediate supervisor on continuous improvement opportunities or when food safety and quality is being impacted.
  • Ensure lab equipment, GC-MS, and GC- FID, is properly working and report to lead/immediate supervisor any issues.
  • To ensure understanding and acknowledgement of training and procedural requirements to execute all functions within the Laboratory.
  • Support monitoring and reporting Lab consumable inventory levels.
  • Ensure all necessary documents are filled out and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Provide training to new QC Technicians as needed as well as completing assigned training monthly or as communicated.
  • Ensure chemicals and laboratory supplies are appropriately labeled and stocked.
  • Promote a positive work culture and feel empowered to resolve food safety and quality concerns as they may arise.
  • Use appropriate channels to communicate/escalate issues.
  • Contributing/maintaining the 6S standard, cleaning standards (MCL) in the Quality lab and completing necessary document/records before end of shift.
  • Responsible for compliance with food safety and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.
  • Adhere to applicable prerequisite programs (PRP) per HACCP requirement.
  • Compile and effectively communicate End of Shift (EOS) reports, pass downs, and follow ups.
  • Other duties as assigned by QA leadership.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Ability to identify quality issues.
• Self-motivated, interpersonal, and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Technical skills to read and interpret technical information.
• Must have good communication skills to compile clear and concise evaluation reports.
• Ability to analyze a problem and determine a possible solution.
• Conduct training to educate workers about improved quality processes.
• Team player with high standards of integrity, ethics and behavior.
• Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
• Willingness and ability to learn new systems.


• 3+ years stable work experience in a related manufacturing setting. Previous experience working in a Quality lab is preferred.
• Must be able to read and write in English, as well as proficiency in math. HS Diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree in STEM preferred.
• Strong communication skills, ability to speak Spanish a plus.
• Preferred experience in any of the following areas: Thermoforming, Extrusion, Injection and/or Recycling.

Salary range

The anticipated salary range for this position is $24.00 to $28.50 per hour and will be impacted by factors such as the successful candidate’s skills, recent years of experience and working location, as well as the specific position’s business needs, scope and level. 022024HR.

Additional Information

  • On-site 100%
  • Swing and Night Shift 
  • Experience working in QC lab environment
  • Candidates should apply directly to rPlanet Earth job ads on website, Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter
  • Must be able to wear PPE entire shift
  • Laboratory environment with the potential for some trips to our manufacturing plant


Zero plastic waste on our planet earth

We’re a team of passionate recycling and packaging experts dedicated to one common goal- closing the loop on single-serve PET material through recycling and production of high quality post-consumer recycled packaging solution.

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