EnviroTF ™ Deli Containers: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Packaging For A Greener Tomorrow

The packaging industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing emphasis on reducing environmental impact without sacrificing quality or functionality.  

Leading this change are rPlanetEarth®’s EnviroTF ™ Thermoformed Deli Containers, which are setting new standards for eco-friendly packaging solutions. These containers are part of a first-ever food packaging line made from 100% post-consumer recycled, curbside-collected PET material.  

This breakthrough represents a major step forward in our collective journey towards a more sustainable future. 

The Advantages of Thermoformed Deli Containers 

Thermoformed Containers by rPlanet Earth® offer a myriad of benefits, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to meet their packaging needs while adhering to environmental sustainability goals. 

Versatility: Available in both round and square shapes and five convenient sizes (32 oz, 24 oz, 16 oz, 12 oz, and 8 oz), these containers cater to a wide range of food service needs, from deli counters to convenience stores. Multiple lid options further enhance their versatility, ensuring that there’s a solution for every type of food item. rPlanetEarth’s Thermoformed Deli Containers are designed to be film-sealable, making them ideal for packaging wet products like salads, salsas, and various dips, ensuring freshness and spill-proof convenience. 

Quality and Compliance: Despite being made from recycled materials, these FDA-compliant food-grade containers do not compromise on quality. They offer excellent clarity and visibility of the product inside, ensuring that contents are easily viewable and appealing. They are also 100% recyclable, FDA compliant, food-grade, and manufactured in an SQF-certified facility, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality are met. 

Sustainability: Made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled PET material, these containers directly contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Sourced from curbside collection programs across California, the material used in these containers is a testament to the effectiveness of recycling programs and the potential for circular economy practices. 

Low Carbon Footprint: The production process of these Thermoformed Containers is designed to be as efficient as possible, significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This commitment to a low carbon footprint production process means that businesses can reduce their environmental impact while still providing high-quality packaging to their customers. 

Impact on Reducing Carbon Footprint 

The use of containers made from recycled PET material greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging industry. By repurposing post-consumer plastic waste, rPlanet Earth® is helping to decrease the demand for virgin plastics, which in turn reduces the energy consumption and emissions associated with plastic production.  

Furthermore, the efficient, low carbon footprint production process of these containers minimizes environmental impact, setting a benchmark for sustainable manufacturing practices in the packaging industry.


Pioneering a Sustainable Packaging Solution 

rPlanet Earth®’s introduction of Thermoformed Containers made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET material is a pioneering achievement that underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. These containers demonstrate that it is possible to meet the world’s packaging needs without harming the planet. 

By choosing these eco-friendly Thermoformed Containers, businesses can play a crucial role in driving the shift towards more sustainable packaging practices. Not only do these containers help in achieving sustainability goals, but they also create a positive impression with customers, who are increasingly looking for environmentally responsible products. 


The advent of Thermoformed Containers by rPlanet Earth® marks a significant milestone in the packaging industry’s journey towards sustainability.  

As we look towards a greener tomorrow, innovations like these will be crucial in reducing our environmental impact. By embracing eco-friendly packaging solutions, we can ensure that our food service needs are met in a manner that is not only efficient and cost-effective but also kind to our planet. Let’s join hands in pioneering a sustainable future, one container at a time. 

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