We broke the mold for rPET packaging.

rPlanet Earth® was born out of a shared concern over the state of the single-use plastics industry in North America and a passion to create a better solution.
Our vision

Zero plastic waste

on our planet earth.

A first-of-its-kind vertically integrated recycling and packaging plant.

Located in Vernon, California, our 300,000 sq ft facility is home to our SQF-certified, food-grade packaging manufacturing and corporate headquarters. As the first venture of its kind, our fully integrated recycling and packaging operation, helps close the loop for domestic recycling programs and streamlines the process. Our unique plant is capable of handling bales of curbside recycler, post-consumer PET with ease and efficiency, ensuring these resources are reused properly.

All of this results in higher quality rPET packaging options with a lower carbon footprint.

As part of our vision for a zero plastic waste future, we are committed to expanding our presence across the United States to establish a network of high-quality, post-consumer rPET packaging production facilities to better meet the needs of our domestic and global partners.

Our unique closed-loop process:


Collect PET bottles and thermoform products for recycling. Our process is capable of handling curbside recycled bales.


Sort, grind, wash, and decontaminate PCR rPET flakes. Rebuild physical properties back to virgin-like state.


Produce packaging products with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content that are FDA-compliant food grade.

Reduce & Eliminate

Our vertical integration greatly reduces GHG emissions and eliminates additional transportation costs and high-energy, CO2 intensive pelletization.


Our finished products can be easily recycled again through curbside collection programs.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

From how post-consumer content is recycled to the materials we use to our finished products, everything we do is designed to create the most premium rPET packaging with the least possible impact on our planet.

58MM lbs

PET recycled
in 2023.


Our products are made from up to 100% post-consumer rPET.


Percentage of post-consumer plastic coming from curbside recycling programs.


Fewer GHG emission than conventional rPET preforms.


Fewer GHG emissions than conventional virgin PET preforms.

Our Credentials and Partnerships